Tui Na

Face, Knee & Back massage

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Taï Mo

Back massage

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massage for energy rebalancing

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Qi Gong

Wellbeing by breathing method

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Suction cup, Acupuncture and Bloodletting

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The Great Place for Relax & Heal

The massages practiced are therapeutic and benign, they allow to improve the physical, emotional and mental health. We also practice sucking, bleeding, moxa and acupuncture.

Why Our Professional Massages are Your Best Choices?

Brilliant Package

A moment of discovery and relaxation. The massage treatment of 30 minutes per zone, targets the face, the neck and the back. They also provide deep relaxation and improve blood circulation and also delay the appearance of wrinkles, giving the skin a firming by strengthening the facial muscles

Energy Rebalancing

An amazing massage that stimulates your body energy. It helps you to bring your energy back into balance and come closer to yourself. It improves your body disorders caused by stress, depression and fatigue.


Treatment Package

The art of healing. Our meridian and muscle massage treatments, bleeding, suction cup and acupuncture, are beneficial for pathologies, in addition they cure allergy, states of fatigue, contributes to fertility, acts on the rejuvenation of the face and relieves back and joint pain.

Holiday Specials

We offer our first 100 customers 20%  discount on all massages or 50 euro discount on the complete protocol of 3 session of Shenzen at the price of 100 euros instead of 150.
These two offers are not cumulative..


Top Types of Massage Therapy Services

Taï Mo improves blood flow over the body. It facilitates to get rid of lactic acid buildup. The techniques also help produce a calm and relaxing mood.
Ce massage est utilisé pour les problèmes de santé sous-jacent, détecté à partir des examens.

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Why Get a Massage?

Toxins are present everywhere around us. It can come from the food we eat, the household and cosmetic products we use every day, and even the air we breathe. When they accumulate in our body, they can damage our tissues and cells and cause several diseases.

Massage is one of the best ways we have at our disposal to relax, relax and release all our physical and psychological tensions. A massage professional will stimulate the meridians and almost all the muscle tissue of the body from head to toe…